Toyota HF2A to Jeep 23 Spline

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This adapter will let you bolt up most Jeep 23 spline output transmissions to the Toyota FJ80/100 HF2A. 
We use Heat treated 4340 for the Spud shaft. The adapter is a solid piece of Billet 6061-T6 fully CNC machined and clear anodized. 

Included in the kit-

  • HF2A Adapter plate
  • Heat treated 4340 Spud shaft
  • SKF sealed roller bearing on the spud shaft 
  • Internal and External bearing retaining clips
  • Dowel pins and all mounting hardware

Manual Trans

  • AX-15
  • NV3550
  • NSG370 4.0L TJ
  • NSG370 3.8L JK
  • NSG370 3.6L JK
  • NSG370 2.8L (CRD) JK 
  • Tremec TR4050
  • NV4500 (Dodge Gas - 23 Spline)

Auto Trans

  • 8HP70 Eco Diesel (with our tail shaft housing)
  • 8HP70 Hemi (with our tail shaft housing)
  • 545RFE
  • 48RE
    • Requires a 23 spline output shaft
    • Trans Output Shaft needs to be trimmed down to 1/8" of sickout, Stock is about 1/2"

Fits but not recommended

  • 47RE
    • Requires a 23 spline output shaft
    • Spline engagement is 1.063" instead of the full 1.25" that it should be.
    • Adapter Face will need to be machined down to allow full spline engagement. 
    • Seal surface will not reach, must plug drain and RTV adapter to transmission. 

May work with the following but please call before ordering. 

  • NV3500
  • AW4

This kit does NOT include transfer case shifters. This will be up to the end user and is application specific. 

13.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
13.00 (in)
16.00 LBS