Jeep TJ R2.8 Conversion Kit

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This item is shipped UPS/FEDEX Freight.  A commercial address with a loading dock or fork truck is required. If it must be to ship it to a residential address or outside of the lower 48 states, then you need to contact us before ordering this kit. As the shipping cost is significantly different.

Kits need to be ordered over the phone due to the recent supply chain issues. 
Pricing is based off a Wire/Check/ACH payment, for CC there will be a 3% convenience fee added.

Our complete R2.8 TJ/LJ kit is designed for Jeep TJ/LJ that had the 4.0L engine with Manual Transmissions, and was built around a stock suspension and fenders.
We designed this with aftermarket fenders in mind.  Majority of our parts should work with little to no modification for other fenders and suspensions. 
With our kit we designed everything around the stock placement of the Transmission and T/C.  What this means is you don't have to get new driveshafts, or change any of the T/C shifter linkages.  

If you are starting with a inline 4 engine, you will need to swap out the trans for one that was behind the 4.0 (AX15, NV3550, and NSG370).
We do stock brand new NSG370's transmissions, if you are needing one.  Also you will need to run aftermarket gauges as the tone wheel is different on the I4 vs I6 engines.  So the factory tack will not work in this application.  

This kit will not work for jeeps with the 42RLE automatic transmission as there are no standalone controllers available for this trans. 
If you are wanting an Automatic Transmission, please call to discuss your options. 

Out kit is a full solution and comes with majority of the parts you need to adapt the R2.8 into a TJ\LJ.
This kit comes packaged in one crate with all the parts listed below.  We take the time to install any and every part we can on the engine already to make the install simpler for you. 

Customer will also need to rework there factory wiring harness, and finish out the exhaust from the D0C flange (which is supplied) to the factory muffler. 
Note: We tend to run the Banks 2.5" stainless exhaust kit with these engine, as it is high quality and we love the sound of the muffler. 

Kit Includes 

  • Cummins R2.8 Crate Engine
  • R2.8 to Jeep 4.0L Trans Adapter
  • R2.8 to TJ/LJ Engine Mount Kit
  • High Performance Radiator kit
    • We have a special radiator made to our specs for the R2.8, it has a fin density of 6mm over the standard 10mm.  This means we can get 30% ,more cooling over the given surface area of any of our competitors.  
    • Full AL shroud for 19" OEM Fan that pulls over 3500 CFM. 
    • Wiring Kit for the fan that includes a 60A sealed relay and fuse.
    • Radiator Overflow Catch Can
    • Upper Radiator Hose
    • Lower Radiator Hose
  • Intercooler Package 
    • USA Made Bar and Plate Intercooler
    • Silicon boots
    • T Bolt Clamps
    • Intake Clocking Ring
    • Intercooler Mounts
  • 3" Air Intake Kit
    • Silicon Boots
    • 3 to 2.5" AL transition tube from silicon boot to turbo.  This will allow clearance for the A/C compressor
    • T bolt Clamps
    • Crank Case Breather Tube
    • 3" AEM Air Filter w/ Mount
  • Power Steering Kit 
    • PS Reservoir w/ Mount
    • High Pressure Hose w fittings for the box and pump
    • Low Pressure Return hose with fittings for the box.
  • Coolant Temp Sensor Fitting
  • Oil Pressure Sensor Kit
  • Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Grid Heater Mount
  • WIF sensor Extension
  • 2.5" DOC Exhaust Flange
  • ECU Mount Kit
    • Kit include everything to mount the Cummins ECU and the Stock ECU 
    • Stock Jeep ECU is only needed if you are wanting to run factory gauges.  After market gauges will only need the Cummins ECU.
  • Fuel Supply Kit
    • Regulator Delete for 97-04 Sending units (05-06 sending units are different)
    • Gates 3/8" supply and return hose
    • Push lock fittings
    • Return fitting for tank 
  • Battery Cables
    • Battery to Stater
    • Battery to Alternator
    • Battery to Stock Fuse Panel
    • Battery to Axis Supplied Fuse Panel 
    • Battery to grid heater
    • Grid Heater to Engine
    • Ground for Battery to Firewall and Engine.
  • Vacuum Hose with Tee fitting
  • Molded Heater Hoses

If you are wanting to run AC you will also need our High Clearance Mega Bracket, as the TJ frame rails will not allow the AC comp to fit on any of the Cummins Brackets for the 2.8.
The AC Add-on includes 

  • R2.8 High Clearance Mega Bracket
  • AC Compressor w/Connector
  • AC Bulkhead Fittings
  • Gates Belt


  1. This Kit requires welding for the frame side engine mounts, and wiring skills.  
  2. Wiring to integrate into your stock or aftermarket gauges is for the end user to do. 
36.00 (in)
58.00 (in)
61.00 (in)
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