Toyota FJ Split Case to Jeep 23 Spline

Current Stock:

This adapter will let you bolt up to Jeep 23 spline output transmissions to the Toyota FJ Split Case. 

This kit allows you to bolt up your Toyota Split case in 4 different clocking orientations to fit your specific needs. The Input spline shaft is heat treated steel. The adapter ring is a solid piece of Billet 6061-T6 fully CNC machined and clear anodized. 

Included in the kit-

  • Toyota Split case Adapter Plate
  • Heat Treated input shaft
  • SKF Sealed bearing
  • Dowels and all mounting hardware

Manual Trans

  • NV3550
  • NSG370 4.0L TJ
  • NSG370 3.8L JK
  • NSG370 3.6L JK
  • NSG370 2.8L (CRD) JK 
  • Tremec TR4050 (requires slight trimming of Tremec output shaft, approx 3/16") 

Auto Trans

  • 8HP70 Eco Diesel (with our tail shaft housing)
  • 8HP70 Hemi (with our tail shaft housing)

This adapter will NOT work with the AX-15. The AX-15 requires a seal diameter on the split case input shaft that is not possible with this setup. 


NOTE: Disassembly of the split case is needed in order to properly assembly the adapter and input drive gears