R2.8 to Jeep 4.0L Adapter Kit

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This adapter assembly is designed to adapt the Cummins R2.8 to a Jeep 4.0L manual transmission.
With our adapter kits, we discard the factory R2.8 Flywheel to reduce weight and inertial load on the adapter kits. 
Our redesigned flywheel is 15lbs lighter then the R2.8 flywheel and with the addition of the crank hub the whole solution is still a few pounds lighter. 

Kit Includes:

  • Bellhousing Adapter Ring
  • Replacement R2.8 Flywheel
  • Crank Hub Adapter
  • Hardware Kit
  • Dowel Studs


This adapter was designed to work with any Manual Transmission that is found behind the Jeep 4.0L Jeep engine

    • AX15 (1993 to 1999, 3/4" tip)
    • NV3550 (2000 to 2004)
    • NSG370 (2005 to 2006)


Customer will need the Jeep 4.0L Flexplate/Flywheel off the transmission they are mating to this adapter.