R2.8 To H55F Bellhousing Kit

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R2.8 to H55F Bellhousing Kit

This is a one piece bell housing that comes in at 8" overall.  Over 2" longer then a direct fit bell housing would be.  This kit was designed to replace the current LS/AA Bell solution.  It is the same length as that setup, which is needed in the FJ40 and FJ60 conversions.  We are using the same crank hub spacer on the rear of the R2.8 just like our LS adapter has, but this new crank adapter is setup to run the stock Cummins Flywheel to save on cost of the kit.   We also will make 3 different length crank hubs to support the 3 most common H55F's with retain the same overall length no matter the trans. 

Supported Trans

  • H42 F/H Gas
  • HF55F F/H Gas
  • H55F HZ Diesel
  • H55F B Diesel
50.00 LBS