TJ/LJ R2.8 4L60E Conversion Kit

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For TJ/LJ owners that want to retain an automatic trans, this is the solution for you.
This kit will allow you to swap over to a Chevy 4L60E  (4 Speed Automatic).
With the follow kit, the T/C will land in the factory location, so no new driveshafts are required. 
This was built around a stock suspension and fenders.

Kit Includes

  • R2.8 to Chevy LS Trans Adapter
  • R2.8 to TJ/LJ Engine Mount Kit
  • Intercooler Package (2.5" Tubing)
  • 3" Air Intake
  • AL Fan Shroud w/2400 CFM Electric Fan
  • Power Steering Kit 
  • Overflow Catch Can
  • Coolant Temp Sensor Fitting
  • Oil Pressure Sensor Kit
  • Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Grid Heater Mount
  • 2.5" DOC Exhaust Flange
  • Modified Fuel Pickup Unit  (requires a 97-04 fuel tank)
  • Fuel Hose with Fittings
  • Battery Cables
  • Fuse Panel Kit w/loose terminals
  • Vacuum Hose with Tee
  • Molded Heater Hoses
  • Upper Radiator Hose
  • Lower Radiator Hose
  • TJ/LJ Automatic Trans Cooler w/plumbing and fitting
  • PSC TCM-2800 Mount
  • Front Crank Hub w/TJ Tone Ring

Addition Required Parts

  • AA NP231 27 Spline adapter - #50-0435
  • AA Trans Mount - #716055
  • PCS 4L60E Controller - #TCM-2800
  • PCS 4L60E Harness - #TCM-4800
  • Trans Sifter



  1. This Kit requires welding for the frame side engine mounts, and wiring skills.  
  2. Full exhaust is not included, kit includes the flange for custom exhaust routing.
  3. We have found that a 2000RPM stall converter works best in this application.  We use Hughes #HUP-22-20L in our conversions.