LT230 High Clearance Parking Brake

Current Stock:

This parking brake is made to work with Rovers LT230 T/C. We designed this disc brake kit to gain us extra clearance on the Defender 110 and 130 cross members, when you do engine conversions that require the LT230 to be pushed back in the chassis.  We machine a rotor hat that allows us to push the face of the rotor 2" further back than the stock drum.  In addition we are using a mechanical disc brake caliper that is on a floating mount so the pads wear evenly, and delivers excellent clamping force of around 400ftlbs. This is a 100% bolt on solution that uses the stock Defender Parking Brake Cable (NRC5089 - LHD) or (NRC5088 - RHD) and still allows clearance for the Mechanical Speed Pickup.  All the parts are Zinc or Powder Coated black for durability.   

Kit includes: 

  • Rotor and Machined Hat Assembly
  • Cable Driven Floating Caliper
  • Mount Bracket, Caliper Lever, and Return Spring Tab
  • All hardware and springs

We have verified that this kit will work on Defender, or used in a universal application.  This will fit the  Discovery or Classic LT230 but we have not test fitted this on them.  So we cannot guarantee this will fit the Frame/Body/Skids, some modification may be necessary.