Land Rover LT230 to Jeep 23 Spline

Current Stock:

This adapter will let you bolt up most Jeep 23 spine output transmissions to the Land Rover LT230

This kit is 100% bolt on and can be clocked in 3 different position.  The Input spline shaft is heat treated 4340 steel. The adapter ring is a solid piece of Billet 6061-T6 fully CNC machined and clear anodized. 

Included in the kit-

  • LT230 Adapter Plate
  • Heat Treated input shaft
  • SKF Sealed bearing
  • Internal and External Bearing retaining rings
  • Dowels and all mounting hardware

Manual Trans

  • NV3550
  • NSG370 4.0L TJ
  • NSG370 3.8L JK
  • NSG370 3.6L JK
  • NSG370 2.8L (CRD) JK 
  • Tremec TR4050

Auto Trans

  • 8HP70 Eco Diesel (with our tail shaft housing)
  • 8HP70 Hemi (with our tail shaft housing)
  • 545RFE
  • AW4


The AX15 manual trans will not work with this adapter.   We designed this adapter to be the shortest length possible at only 1" thick. We did that so we can package the 8HP and TR4050 in the defenders with the R2.8 engine. The AX15 body is wider then the trans listed above, and the adapter would have been 5" long to get it to fit.  

Trans Mount and shifter kits are available for the TR4050 and 8HP70's.   Any of the other transmission will need custom mounts, and shift kits to make this a complete solution.